Shaping The Company

According to Google, an engineer is a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works. You speak with any engineer and more than likely their dream is to design a new innovative technology–to create something that solves a problem. What I perceive as my “innovative technology” is a system of people working together to change lives. Less technological, but requires engineering nonetheless.

Finding the solution to a problem is probably one of the greatest feelings in the world, especially if you connect with the problem you’re trying to solve. I connect with people and love seeing how each individual fits within the larger picture. Everyone has different experiences and fresh perspective that play into the world that we live in. So, you can probably understand why Morph has become a passion and why envisioning the operations is so fulfilling. Morph started off with myself, then turned into a founding team of five, and now it’s becoming an entity that will operate with more players involved. While each will have their own role in the grand scheme, they are all so interwoven within the fabric that makes up Morph’s mission. Collaboration and cohesion has been the key focus when creating company roles because these focus areas, coupled with our diversity, are what has made the founding team so successful to-date.

So far, progress has consisted of steps–now, soon to be leaps.

As an engineer and an entrepreneur, it’s a dream coming to fruition and words simply can’t explain the feeling. The journey has just started, and I can’t wait for you all to see what we create within communities around the world.

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