Forgot to Save…

Ever accidentally close out a word document without hitting the save button and lose an entire five hours’ worth of content? That’s pretty much what it’s like moving to a new city. You kind of remember what you wrote about but, dammit, you have to start ALL over. It’s soooooooooo stressfullll and you want to blame yourself and the computer and you spend all this time bothered about something that’s already happened, potentially time that could be spent rewriting the paper.

Screw it. Write a better paper. You might find that as you’re rewriting from memory that you come upon a different perspective and can expand on your original idea. As time goes on, you’re thinking to yourself, I’m going to ACE this paper. Little do you know, five hours pass by and your new paper is better than the original one you drafted.

Life isn’t lost when you move to a new city. Sure there’s a sense of starting over, but you have the great advantage of taking what you’ve learned with you. Along the way, you’ll start to notice things from a different angle because of your new experiences. That’s growth. You learn from your mistakes and move forward, hopefully, this time remembering to hit the damn save button.

P.S. Ironically, my laptop almost died while writing this, but no worries, it would have been written better the second time.

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